National School Reform Agreement

The National School Reform Agreement (National Agreement) is an agreement between the Commonwealth, States and Territories to lift student outcomes across Australian schools.

Commencing on 1 January 2019, the National Agreement has been informed by recommendations of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools led by Mr David Gonski AC.

The National Agreement sets out eight national policy initiatives against three reform directions that all parties have agreed to implement over the next five years:

A. Supporting students, student learning and student achievement
  1. Enhancing the Australian Curriculum to support teacher assessment of student attainment and growth against clear descriptors 
  2. Assisting teachers monitor individual student progress and identify student learning needs through opt-in online and on demand student learning assessment tools with links to student learning resources, prioritising early years foundation skills
  3. Reviewing senior secondary pathways into work, further education and training.
B. Supporting teaching, school leadership and school improvement
  1. Reviewing teacher workforce needs of the future to attract and retain the best and brightest to the teaching profession and attract teachers to areas of need
  2. Strengthening the initial teacher education accreditation system.
C. Enhancing the national evidence base
  1. Implementing a national unique student identifier (USI) that meets national privacy requirements in order to support better understanding of student progression and improve the national evidence base
  2. Establishing an independent national evidence institute to inform teacher practice, system improvement and policy development
  3. Improving national data quality, consistency and collection to improve the national evidence base and inform policy development.
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Click here for more information on A (iii), the Review of senior secondary pathways into work, further education and training.
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Implementation and timing of the national policy initiatives are guided by the milestones in Schedule B of the National Agreement and require Education Council to consider and agree the cost and cost-sharing arrangements, scope and governance arrangements for each initiative.