National evidence institute

A national evidence institute for education is currently being established as one of the national policy initiatives under the National School Reform Agreement to lift student outcomes across Australian schools.

In June 2020, the Education Council determined that Commonwealth, State and Territory governments would collectively fund a national evidence institute.  The decision was made following a key recommendation from the report of David Gonski's Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools

The Education Council appointed an inaugural director for the institute in July 2020.


The institute will ensure all school leaders, teachers, educators, system leaders and policy makers have access to the best available evidence about effective practice in schools and early childhood settings.

It will work to put the nation’s educators at the forefront of education research and improve learning outcomes for all children and young people.


The national evidence institute will be responsible for:

  • generating new evidence on effective teaching and learning practices
  • curating and translating evidence into user-friendly and accessible resources for teachers and school leaders
  • ensuring this evidence can be accessed and used by educators across Australia.


The national evidence institute will be established as a ministerially-owned company with an independent expert Board.


The national evidence institute is currently in its start up phase and is in the process of being established as a legal entity. The inaugural director is currently consulting widely to ensure that the institute understands the needs of educators and stakeholders.


For further information about the national evidence institute, please contact the